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Country Club

Welcome to the Club!

Coastal would like to reward you, our loyal customers, for making us part of your regular shopping trip. This completely free rewards program is our way of saying thank you to the craftsmen, marksmen, outdoor grill masters, backyard farmers, and people who just love to hunt and fish! We want you to have everything you need for your work and play without breaking the bank. Members of our Country Club earn rewards points for every dollar spent at Coastal. Sign up today to start earning money back on every purchase!

Not a member? Sign up today!


Qualify for more points as you shop!
You are automatically upgraded as you shop throughout the year.

*See member annual spend to qualify. Offer of ”Large Bag“ refers to any
cat food that is 12-lb. or larger and dog food that is 22-lb. or larger.

**Online orders over $29, see member annual spend to qualify

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